[MAKING] 2021 ‘HELLO K!’ NEW NORMAL Wake Up World – Korean Folk Village Part

2021 ‘Hello K!’ New Normalspot_img

First launched in 2015, Hello K! is Korea’s national brand performance that has established itself as a cultural performance for foreigners in Korea from all levels of society in all corners of the world. Hello K! is a fusion, experience-based performance that combines Korean culture and art that encompasses tradition and modernity with cutting-edge audio-visual technology. In 2021, we present to the world Hello K! Renewed, or Hello K! A New Normal with a wish that the beauty of Korean culture and art will bring consolation and peace to everyone in the global community affected by the COVID-19.



Producer/Executive Director: Sangkyu Lee

Technical Director: Sangkyu Lee

Assistant Director: Bumsoo Shin

Music Director : Sungwoo Kang, Donghyun Lim

Choreography : Hyunmoon Kim

Director of Photography: Jaeyoung Roh, Jujin Son, Jongmin Kim, Jungmo Gu, Youngrae Jo

Camera Operator: Creative Arts

Video Editor: Creative Arts

VFX: Creative Arts

Editor: Hochan Cha, Taejin Oh

Photographer: Sungchul Roh

Artists Management: Fantasmakorea

Makeup Artist: Wookyung Yim

Gaffer: Creative Arts

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2020 ‘Hello K!’ New Normalspot_img


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