[MAKING] 2020 ‘Hello K!’ New Normal – WE NEVER QUIT

2021 ‘Hello K!’ New Normalspot_img

WE NEVER QUIT :  We dance to live the present. We dance together to make sure we are alive with one another. We dance today because we do not give up tomorrow. Even if we feel reckless, Even if we are far away from one another, Even if we step on each other’s toes, We dance to move forward together. WE NEVER QUIT – This is a message from HELLO K! to all of you out there.

Performance Team : Fantasmakorea
Hyunmoon Kim, Jina Hwang

[MAKING] 2020 ‘Hello K!’ New Normal – WE NEVER QUIT


Producer/Executive Director: Jinyoung Park
Technical Director: Sangkyu Lee
Assistant Director: Bumsoo Shin
Director of Photography: Jongmin Kim, Jungmo Ku
Camera Operator: Content Korea
VR Camera Director: Content Korea
VFX: Content Korea Editor: Hochan Cha, Taejin Oh
Photographer: Sungchul Roh
Artists Management: Fantasmakorea
Fusion Hanbok: Suna Min
Makeup Artist: Wookyung Yim
Gaffer: Creative Arts

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홍보 / 운영총괄 : 최 의 송

2020 ‘Hello K!’ New Normalspot_img


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