Haegeum Sanjo

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Haegeum Sanjo : Sanjo is a piece for solo instrument. The performers of Korean traditional music play Sanjo in their own styles, which are called schools. Sanjo is a music of time and history. It is built upon the lives and times of one’s master, the master’s master, and the master’s master. The Haegeum, a two-stringed fiddle, is also called Bisabijuk, meaning its voice is neither of string nor of bamboo. The voice of the Haegeum embraces the tone of wind and string instruments, and is not biased to either side. Through the Haegeum performance, we convey the consolation that everyone in the world thinks about everyone without alienation.

해금산조 : ‘비사비죽’이라 하여 관악기의 음색과 현악기의 음색을 고루 포용하여 어느 쪽에도 치우치지 않는 중용의 매력 ‘해금’

해금 연주를 통하여 전 세계 누구나 소외 없이 모두를 생각하는 위로를 전한다.

2020 ‘Hello K!’ New Normal

<‘CONSOLATION’ from Korea, 한국으로부터의 ‘위로’>

First launched in 2015, Hello K! is Korea’s national brand performance that has established itself as a cultural performance for foreigners in Korea from all levels of society in all corners of the world. Hello K! is a fusion, experience-based performance that combines Korean culture and art that encompasses tradition and modernity with cutting-edge audio-visual technology. In 2020, we present to the world Hello K! Renewed, or Hello K! A New Normal with a wish that the beauty of Korean culture and art will bring consolation and peace to everyone in the global community affected by the COVID-19.
Producer/Executive Director: Jinyoung Park
Technical Director: Sangkyu Lee
Assistant Director: Bumsoo Shin
Director of Photography: Sunghoon Lee, Chulmin Lee
Camera Operator: Content Korea
VR Camera Director: Sunghoon Lee
VFX: FCM Studio
Editor: Sangkyu Lee, Bumsoo Shin
Photographer: Sungchul Roh
Artists Management: Fantasmakorea
Music Director: Jinyoung Park, Sungwoo Kang
Music Arranged by Jinyoung Park, Sungwoo Kang, Donghyun Yim
Recording Engineer: Hyungkuk Ahn
Hanbok: Ggyumin Hanbok, Mikyung Bae
Makeup Artist: Wookyung Yim
Gaffer: Creative Arts
Chorus: Students from France, Taiwan, Mexico, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Laos, Cambodia, Uganda, Myanmar, Republic of Congo, India, Republic of Ghana

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2020 ‘Hello K!’ New Normalspot_img


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